Get Raw Bootcamps provide time efficient workouts & affordable packages to suit every budget & to set you up for your own personal success!

The Get Raw Bootcamps team are with you every step of the way. We deliver insane, results driven workouts that make you shine and feel amazing! You will enjoy your new energy that helps you to keep up with the busy fast paced world!

Time is a valuable commodity, we are there for you at training and we help you make realistic lifestyle changes so you can live your life to the fullest.

Our Bootcamps are fun, challenging and motivating. We train you to suit your individual goals and reach your own personal targets even in the group environment. You will surround yourself with positive, happy and determined like-minded people. If you are a parent, your children will love our sessions as much as you do.

Get Raw Bootcamps unique training style is fresh, keeps you motivated & gets rapid results!

We use blends of boxing, sandbags, strength training, HIIT, tabata protocols, AMRAP combos, power pilates & core strength, circuit, hill & stair drills, fitness testing components, sprint intervals, running and terrain training. Get Raw Bootcamps get positive transformations for their clients and great feedback!

Our sessions have options to suit differing fitness goals, injuries and to ensure safe fun workouts with variety every session every time! Get Raw Bootcamps pride themselves on being there for their clients on a personal level and educating them to live and reach their dreams!

simone-picSimone Kelly

Owner at Get Raw Bootcamps.

Inspiration, Fun and Motivation is what Simone Kelly  “the Smiling Assasin Trainer” is all about! Simone has been transforming people’s lives and reshaping peoples bodies from the inside to the outside for over 17 years creating positive change. She lives and promotes a healthy lifestyle and will get you into shape real fast!

Over 16 years Fitness Professional, Health Sc & Fitness Management

ADV Bootcamp Instructor, ADV THUMP Boxing Instructor, Power Pilates & Pilates Mini Ball Instructor, Pilates Matwork Level 1 & 2 with Studio pilates International and Essence of Living, ADV Level Personal trainer, Strength & Sports Conditioning Coaching. Weight Loss Management, Body Shaping , Stretch Essentials, Pre & Post Natal exercise in safety, Injury Rehabilitation, Core, Childrens Trainer, Nutrition & Wellness Coach.

Les Mills Instructor including GRIT Strength Coach, GRIT Cardio Coach, GRIT Plyo Coach, Body Attack, Body Pump and RPM and has taught freestyle Aerobics, Circuit, Kids Fitness and many other Gym and Circuit style classes for over 12 years in leading Gold Coast Fitness Centres..

She is the proud mother of two school kids and one 3 year old and has been a Personal Trainer for over 16 years with a proven track record of success.

Simone competes in regular running events and has completed 3 full 42km Gold Coast Marathons, 1 x 30km Kurrawa to Duranbah Event, 4 half marathons, lots of 10km Fun Run events plus many Obstacle events like Tough Mudder, Kokoda, Stampede, Beach Bash, Raw Challenge to name a few and is addicted the the “team spirit and buzz”. Simone has encouraged many of her “bootcamp recruits” to build up their courage & fitness level to also enter these events and got them racing across the finish line with pure success!

“Simone has the knowledge and experience to safely and successfully train clients before and during pregnancy and also knows how to safetly regain their pre pregnancy body and snap it back into shape real fast! She also specialises in weight loss and tone and has a passion for helping her clients strip body fat and make fast fitness gains through unique training styles which she blends together through variety of qualifications.”

” I love the Get Raw contageous energy, smiles and inspiration that oozes amongst us all in our bootcamp sessions. I love it so much that I honestly LOVE going to work! ”  Simone