Everyone will love this healthy recipe which make a delicious snack and delightful lunchbox item!

There are a few different versions of this cupcake so choose the ingredients you love and be sure to tag me in your cooking creations!! This recipe was created by SImone Kelly with love to encourage Miss 5 enjoy these superfood BOOST cupcakes as much as kids love the regular processed ones! Enjoy!


3 over ripe bananas

5 fresh medjool dates, seeds removed

2 free range eggs

3 tbsp chia seeds

1/4 cup desiccated coconut

3/4 cup spelt flour or wholemeal plain flour (or 1 cup almond meal)

3/4 cup wholemeal self raising four (or 1 cup almond meal)

dash vanilla essence or vanilla paste

1/3 cup rice malt syrup or honey

1/3 cup coconut oil (heated to liquid)

pinch of pink salt


1 cup berries or 1 cup diced peeled apple for chunky moist filling optional

Icing mixture or Natvia sugar free icing mixture and sprinkles optional


1. Heat oven to approx 145oC and line or grease 24 mini or 12 regular sized muffin trays

2. In a food processor add all of the MOIST ingredients, eggs, dates, vanilla, banana, rice malt, coconut oil and process until well combined.

3. Add the dry ingredients, chia, flours, baking powder and mix until well combined.

4. Carefully spoon the mixture into lined muffin trays. If using the berry or apple fillings then press a few into each muffin.

5. Spray tops of muffins with oil and bake in oven for approx 25-40mins or until golden. Time will vary depending on the oven you are using and on the size of muffins.

6. Once golden and cooked through set aside to cool and make the icing according to packet directions and top with your choice of toppings!

7. Store in air tight container in fridge for a few days or freeze in glad bags ready for work lunches and school lunch boxes!!


Get the kids to help make these and to decorate them to encourage them to be involved!

Miss 5 loves these and so do my teens and whole family! If your child needs the icing on the top to want to eat them and “sprinkles” remember its ok to have this as the rest of the ingredients are super healthy and these are a great substitute for regular cup cakes from tuck shops and supermarkets.

Using almond meal for the four is a great high protein option for this recipe (Or even replacing just one of the fours for 1 cup almond meal would be great if nuts are allowed)

These take 10 minutes to prepare and honestly are so EASY and so much FUN for kids!!

Bananas are great when over ripe and are so cheap and don’t be afraid to double this recipe and prep and freeze in bulk!

KEEP IT REAL – If you dont have fresh medjool dates, thats ok, simply add extra rice malt or honey to taste and for example if you don’t have desiccated coconut or chia seeds its OKAY!! Just keep it real but these are great superfood kicks with many benefits!!

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