HOT TIPS on How to stay motivated this winter by Personal Trainer Simone Kelly

HOT TIPS on How to stay motivated this winter by Personal Trainer Simone Kelly


✖️Remind yourself that you are a HUMAN BEING and you are not a BEAR! Humans do NOT need to hibernate in winter for survival!

✖️Training is a great way to keep your mood lifted, enthusiasm, body cells, heart and lungs alive! Exercise makes us feel energetic, happy and elevates our lives by keeping the dreaded “winter blues” away! It is true there is a condition called “S.A.D” (Seasonal Affective Disorder) that is a type of depression that is related to the changes of the seasons. Staying active and healthy throughout winter is a great way to beat this and training outdoors boosts this with exercise, vitamin D sunshine kick!

✖️Train with groups to stay accountable and to ensure you are supported to stay on track with your goals and share these perfect training days with and to keeps you motivated and also social!

✖️As the chill sets in be sure to dress appropriately for your scheduled training sessions.
✖️When training in winter always ensure to get an extended warm up to prevent injury.

✖️Don’t be fooled that in winter even though you may not appear to sweat as much or feel as thirsty as you do in summer you must still ensure you hydrate adequately.

✖️Always fuel yourself with healthy foods and ensure you eat a variety of fresh produce to keep your vitamins and minerals up to keep the bugs away! Follow our INSTAGRAM FEED HERE and follow our “Insta Stories Feed” for delicious nourishing winter recipes and motivation to keep you moving and eating well this winter!

✖️Feel alive and train outdoors where possible as the winter is the ultimate time of the year where the most amazing magical “warm fuzzy” sunrises happen. It is so important to get outdoors as sadly the majority of our working days are spent indoors!

✖️Yes, yes, yes I know you have heard t before BUT the saying “summer bodies are made in winter” it is so true! Once winter has started you are less than three months away from Spring!

✖️Get your vitamin D kick and get some sunshine! It is believed that getting sunshine on your whole entire body can prevent winter weight gain by tricking yourself into believing its summer! This day in age it is actually common to have a vitamin D deficiency as we are all led to believe that “sunshine is BAD for you”. Most people need 15 minutes a day so ask yourself are you getting yours? Vitamin D is also great for the eyes and bones too!

✖️Get Raw fleecy jumpers have been an absolute hit again this winter with our crew! We stay motivated, warm and focused to get to our scheduled training sessions. Our jumpers allow us to layer and warm up saftly then we set them aside. Immediately after finishing our workouts we remove our “wet sweaty training tops” and replace with our warm fleecy hoodies and head home or to coffees or erins dry, warm and feeling awesome!
✖️The most important rule is to not “give up and stop training in winter”. Why throw away the hard work you didi in summer and autumn only to need to find the “motivation” again in spring! Ask yourself, “How good will it feel in Spring 2017 being FIT and motivated then restarting Spring having to start all over again from scratch after being LAZY through winter.”

✖️For any local Gold Coasters near Burleigh, Miami, Tallebudgera message us on 0415 578114 to get your FIRST SESSION FREE or if you have not trained with us since early 2017 why don’t you grab a 4 visit for $40 pass or book in a Personal Training Session with myself or one of our experienced team.

✖️Commit to stay fit this winter and enjoy the buzz! I know our Get Raw Crew are smashing their sessions through the winter and this makes me so PROUD!!

Yours in health + fitness

Simmi xoxo

SImone Kelly ; Owner / Operator Get Raw Bootcamps 0415 578 114

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